It started in a garage…


Don Anderson gave his father, Dennis, a homebrew kit for Father's Day. While the rudimentary kit of the mid-80's failed to live up to the expectation of a great beer, their shared love of good times and good beer rallied on.

Almost 30 years later, Don's kids gifted him with a homebrew kit for Father's Day, offering a second chance at crafting the perfect beer and spending quality time with his 6 kids. Like the first homebrew, this first time, straight-out-the-box brew was not quite a candidate for the World Beer Cup. But, what it lacked in body and carbonation, it made up for in an exciting newfound shared hobby with his eldest daughter, Elizabeth. Their brewing adventures quickly spiraled out of control-- gaining momentum by adding technology and the occasional headshake of disbelief from Linda-- sparking a passion for craft beer that turned into a crazy idea and then a new career.


FPB Crew on one of the first construction days


The name Fat Pants originates from all those lazy days on the couch, chilly nights at the cabin, and mornings after one too many beers where you just need to curl up, get comfy, and put on your Fat Pants.

Thank you to all our friends and family— our SuperFans and the OG FPB crew— for your taste testing; your hours of research, months of listening to our beer-filled ramblings, and days of playing therapist to our stresses; for your innovations, advice, and bright ideas; and most of all for your unfailing support on this wild-ride journey. We love you!


Our Commitments

Good Beer
every barrel handcrafted with passion for downright awesome brews

Good for the Earth
using sustainable technology and eco-friendly products

Good Fun
striving to create a culture of more than "just a brewery"

Good People
sharing our family dream with the community and growing Fat Pants together

Want to Join the FPB Crew?

Our Crew

Don Anderson

Owner, Head Brewer

Don is a nearly lifelong resident of Eden Prairie. Moving here in the late 70’s, he’s watched the city grow from a small farmstead community into the bustling suburb that it is today and looks forward to being able to contribute to the continued success and growth of Eden Prairie. Don’s passion for brewing beer is only surpassed by his love of good beer— particularly IPA’s. He brings to the Fat Pants crew more than 20 years in customer relations, experience in managing restaurants and a comedy club, an incredible talent for solving nearly any problem, and the hefty designation of in-house handyman/tech support. When in the brewery, you will most often find Don in the brewhouse crafting FPBC’s next big beer or serving them up behind the bar showcasing his hard work.

Linda Anderson

Owner, Designer

Linda wears many, many hats for Fat Pants. She is the principal designer behind our interior ambience, the innovator of Fancy Pants— our beer and malt beverage line specifically tailored towards women— the creative mind behind many of the names for the beers at FPBC, and also serves as cheerleader, therapist, motivator, business coach, mentor and friend to the team. Linda’s true joy in life is spending time with her family so few other opportunities could be better suited for her than the chance to start a family business. She brings more than a decade of leadership experience in several Fortune 500 companies to the team at Fat Pants and is excited about being able to provide the community with a gathering place where friends and families alike can sit back, put their feet up, and get their Fat Pants on.

Elizabeth Anderson

Owner, Operations

Elizabeth is our day-to-day operations manager for Fat Pants Brewing Co. You will most likely see her behind the bar or in the food truck keeping the FPB machine running smoothly and serving up smiles. She proudly holds the current title for World’s Youngest Female Brewery Owner. At 24, she’s looking forward to building her family’s business with her partners, leading a team of beer enthusiasts, and bringing something new to the food and beverage scene in Eden Prairie. Elizabeth’s true passion is for start-up ventures; she joins the Fat Pants crew from a background in contract negotiations and administration for health and wellness franchises. In her free time, you can find her knees deep in a DIY project, snuggled up with her two dogs, or enjoying the outdoors and a good beer with friends.