Yellow... Goodbye!

When we first got our space, we knew it would take a LOT of work to get the building to look like the FPB we envisioned. Part of that vision meant a total overhaul of a lot of different construction elements in the existing building — demo; rebuilding new walls; all new electrical and HVAC systems; re-routing plumbing and drains to accommodate our brewing equipment; adding a steam boiler… and last but certainly not the least of the work we’ve done: adding a “truck ton” of tile (no really, about 5000 lbs).

8335 Crystal View Rd was constructed in the early-mid 80’s and has been through a number of changes to fit the various restaurants it held. First it was a standalone building built as a Chi Chi’s Mexican diner. Then it was a Chevvy’s— another Mexican joint which still operates one unit over by the Mall of America. Next, in keeping with the Mexican cuisine theme, it was briefly a Baja Sol. And, just prior to Fat Pants, it was a casual pub/bar restaurant called Panino Brothers. We’re not certain that those are all of the iterations our building has been through but we can definitely say it has a storied history. And with that history comes a lot of layers of construction work that has been completed over the years.

Structurally and also aesthetically, the changes we’ve made to make the space our own may be the biggest that this building has seen yet.

In the next few weeks, we can’t wait to unveil some of our favorite before and after photos for you to see all of the hard work our team has put into making FPB come to life.