The Conference Room

The Board Room. The Brew Room. The Meeting Room. We’re sure it’s going to have a lot of names— and hopeful that it’s going to host a lot of parties! (It’s messy right now but stick with me on this one.)

Have you ever wanted to drink a beer while in a meeting? You’re on a conference call, or in a presentation, the content gets long; it draws on… a big glass of really good beer sounds, well, really good. What about brewing a beer in a meeting though?

Enter: the Fat Pants conference room. Possibly the only conference room on Earth where you can brew, drink, and work all in the same space.

We’re so jazzed to offer this unique opportunity to beer lovers and meeting holders alike. Whether you’re stopping in to give your clients an interesting experience (also great for providing “second touch” meetings), treating your team to an outing, or just looking to mix up the day-to-day arrangements, we promise to keep you engaged and refreshed like never before.

Contact us for details and booking arrangements once open.