Yellow... Goodbye!

When we first got our space, we knew it would take a LOT of work to get the building to look like the FPB we envisioned. Part of that vision meant a total overhaul of a lot of different construction elements in the existing building — demo; rebuilding new walls; all new electrical and HVAC systems; re-routing plumbing and drains to accommodate our brewing equipment; adding a steam boiler… and last but certainly not the least of the work we’ve done: adding a “truck ton” of tile (no really, about 5000 lbs).

8335 Crystal View Rd was constructed in the early-mid 80’s and has been through a number of changes to fit the various restaurants it held. First it was a standalone building built as a Chi Chi’s Mexican diner. Then it was a Chevvy’s— another Mexican joint which still operates one unit over by the Mall of America. Next, in keeping with the Mexican cuisine theme, it was briefly a Baja Sol. And, just prior to Fat Pants, it was a casual pub/bar restaurant called Panino Brothers. We’re not certain that those are all of the iterations our building has been through but we can definitely say it has a storied history. And with that history comes a lot of layers of construction work that has been completed over the years.

Structurally and also aesthetically, the changes we’ve made to make the space our own may be the biggest that this building has seen yet.

In the next few weeks, we can’t wait to unveil some of our favorite before and after photos for you to see all of the hard work our team has put into making FPB come to life.

The Conference Room

The Board Room. The Brew Room. The Meeting Room. We’re sure it’s going to have a lot of names— and hopeful that it’s going to host a lot of parties! (It’s messy right now but stick with me on this one.)

Have you ever wanted to drink a beer while in a meeting? You’re on a conference call, or in a presentation, the content gets long; it draws on… a big glass of really good beer sounds, well, really good. What about brewing a beer in a meeting though?

Enter: the Fat Pants conference room. Possibly the only conference room on Earth where you can brew, drink, and work all in the same space.

We’re so jazzed to offer this unique opportunity to beer lovers and meeting holders alike. Whether you’re stopping in to give your clients an interesting experience (also great for providing “second touch” meetings), treating your team to an outing, or just looking to mix up the day-to-day arrangements, we promise to keep you engaged and refreshed like never before.

Contact us for details and booking arrangements once open.

Trucking Along

Alright, I can’t go into too much detail quite yet but we have had A DAY today. More like a weekend, really.

We’re so excited to bring you one of the centerpieces of the Fat Pants design but man was it a lot of work to bring it to life. I’d like to take a minute to cement in the annals of the internet just how incredibly thankful we are for all of the dedicated, generous helping hands and boots on the ground who joined us this weekend to work in the wind and cold to make this REALLY COOL idea come true. We absolutely could not have done it without the work of this crew and their patience, ingenuity, and great senses of humor when things got tough.

Top (left to right): Don, Linda, Axel, Mike, Megan, Elizabeth and Josh    Bottom (left to right): Rick, Chris, Denny, and Joe

Top (left to right): Don, Linda, Axel, Mike, Megan, Elizabeth and Josh

Bottom (left to right): Rick, Chris, Denny, and Joe

Build Out Starts

It’s been a minute since we’ve had an update for everyone.

As we like to say, opening this brewery is a big game of hurry up and wait. We just got word from our general contractor, Chris Thompson with CT Construction, that the city has approved of our plans and issued initial permits. This means we can start demo-ing out the old and putting in the new.

We have a long ways to go and a lot of work to do to make our space fit the vision of Fat Pants Brewing Co. but we’re looking forward to the challenge and excited to curate something literally from the ground up. Chris estimates that build out will take approximately 120 days to complete which puts us on target to open sometime between early September and early October if we can stay on track.

Take a peek at some of our “before” pictures and expect some big changes. More to come soon!

The Lease is Signed!

After a little more than a year of searching for the perfect landing spot for our brewery, we’re so excited to announce that we’ve officially sealed the deal with Lariat Companies of Eden Prairie to lease an awesome space from them.

In addition to being in the heart of EP, our 7000+ square foot building has abundant natural light, a patio, and enough space to support having a kitchen. We’re looking forward to sharing some photos with you in the future of our build out progress. Stay tuned for updates! Construction starts soon.